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Community gardeners host annual show on Aug. 18


The Naperville Community Gardeners will host its annual Flower and Garden Show from 1:30-3PM tomorrow, Sat., Aug. 18, at the Barn!

Exhibits should be brought to the Barn at any time from 7AM to 10AM.

After the judging, the public is invited to view the exhibits from 1:30 to 3PM. There is no charge for either entering the show or visiting the exhibition area in the afternoon. Bring along your plants, flowers, vegetables and arrangements, we will be on hand to help with your entries.

Here are a few photos by Ron Ory from 2011.

The old Sweepstakes Award (most points by club member) has been re-named The Ben Calvert Award.

The show guide is available at www.napervillecommunitygardeners.org/annual_show.htm.

Going forward, the next meeting of the Naperville Community Gardeners is Mon., Sept. 10. At that time a presentation of all the awards will be announced, too.

For more info, visit www.napervillecommunitygardeners.org.



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