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Soar like an eagle: free flights for youngsters


The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) is offering free flights in general aviation aircraft for children ages 8 – 17 at the Aurora Municipal Airport, in Sugar Grove, IL as part of the Young Eagles Program.

The flights will occur between 9AM – 2PM, weather permitting August 26, September 23 and October 21.

The program is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012. In  twenty years, over 43,000 pilots, from every state in America, each providence in Canada, and 90 other countries have given over 1.7 million children free airplane rides. For most of the children, it was the first time they had been anywhere near a general aviation aircraft.

In twenty years, Chapter 579 has flown 15,045 children as part of the Program. One of the Chapter’s pilots, Mark Hislop, has made it into the “Top Twenty “ list of pilots, with 1,555 children flown.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in order to sign in. No reservations are needed and children are flown on a first come first serve basis.

The flights are sponsored by the Fox Valley Sport Aviation Association, EAA Chapter 579. Each pilot covers the cost of the flights individually in the hope they can help broaden a child’s horizons, and perhaps inspire them to take an interest in aviation.

The Chapter is a leader in Young Eagles flown, with over 15,000 children flown since the program’s inception. For those interested in more information on the EAA’s Young Eagles Program, go to www.youngeagles.org. For more details about local Young Eagles flights, visit www.eaa579.org  or call (630) 466-4579.




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