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Social TV series celebrates ‘Small Town Flavor’


Panini Pete day trips across America and into the history, traditions and food culture of one-of-a-kind small towns in the new social TV series “Small Town Flavor.”

Pete “Panini Pete” Blohme, is a Culinary Institute of America trained small town chef from Alabama who has made appearances on the Food Network, including “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and “Guy’s Big Bite”.  He has also traveled the country as part of the Guy Fieri Road Show Tour.

Created and produced by Social Frequency Media Communications, “Small Town Flavor” is an original TV series built entirely around internet-based TV distribution, social media participation and audience cultivation.  The show was launched in late February 2012 and has already amassed thousands of viewers.  The next two episodes are currently in post-production.

“Small Town Flavor” is entertainment with a social purpose.  According to small town native, show creator and producer, Stuart Meyer, “Small Town Flavor is a grassroots movement to ‘Save Main Street’ by sparking interest in small town tourism which will ultimately contribute to the vitality of each town in terms of job creation, economic development and historic preservation.”

The show’s social purpose is to share life-changing story-driven secrets for creating happiness and living a meaningful life.   Meyer said, “Research findings in recent years have shown us that fundamental happiness is rooted in the strength of our social connections with each other, our identity and our sense of belonging… all of which is at the heart and soul of small town life.”

A screening, free of charge to the public, followed by a Q&A will be held at the Lisle Public Library Fri. August 17 at 7PM.  The first episode of Small Town Flavor, featuring Fairhope, AL, can be viewed at www.youtube.com/smalltownflavor.

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