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Familiar bird is back


New Cock Robin T-Shirts

Square ice cream scoops, steak burgers, and “One in a Million” milkshakes are what residents usually remember when they hear the name Cock Robin. Now they can buy t-shirts with the little bird logo. The inspiration came when Positively Naperville discovered the image had never been trademarked and did it themselves.

“We wanted to essentially figure out something to do with the brand and Cock Robin to be able to share those experiences with everyone and bring back those memories that everyone has from growing up,” said Timothy Penick, Web Editor of Positively Naperville.

Part of the proceeds from shirt sales will go to Little Friends, an organization that serves children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. The monthly newspaper hired ColorBurst Screen Printing to make the shirts. The shop benefits Little Friends, and employs six people with disabilities.

“I like being able to work instead of just being idle,” said Roberta Vendl, a ColorBurst employee.

“It means a lot to our people with disabilities to get a job,” said Cathy Van Hecke, Manager of ColorBurst. “They get a lot of much needed training on how to be able to hold down a job in the community.”

Positively Naperville was going to use the shirts to help fund enhancements at Fredenhagen Park, named after Cock Robin’s founders Walter and Grace Fredenhagen. It’s located at the site of the Naperville ice cream shop that closed in 2000 after nearly 70 years of scooping out service. But the founders’ daughter, the late Rita Harvard, had a different idea.

“She just said you have my blessing to do whatever you want with it for the preservation of what Cock Robin is to the community and to use it for different local charities,” said Penick.

One place they’re being sold is Serendipity, the resale shop in downtown Naperville that helps fund programs at Little Friends.

—NCTV17’s Michelle Corless reported, just prior to her move to an NBC affiliate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she will further her career.

VIDEO VOICE AS SEEN ON NCTV17: Familiar bird is back

NOTE:  The latest shipment of Cock Robin t-shirts has arrived and are now available at Oswald’s Pharmacy in Naperville Plaza as well as Anderson’s Bookshop, Two Doors East and Serendipity Resale  in downtown Naperville.

Online orders are available for folks, too. Click here for the order form and pay by credit card.   Adult sizes are S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

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