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Friday, August 12, 2022

Jaycees seek volunteers to work shifts at Last Fling


The Naperville Jaycees 2012 Last Fling seeks a few good men, women and teens to volunteer this Labor Day Weekend, Aug. 31 to Sept. 3!  Volunteering for a shift or two  is a great opportunity for businesses to do community service as a group.

Also, nonprofit groups can earn a donation for their organization by working a shift at the Last Fling.

To volunteer, e-mail  naperlastfling@gmail.com  or sign up online at www.lastfling.org/volunteer.cfm.

Many members of the Jaycees Roosters, pictured here, volunteer to set up the parade route early on Labor Day, then they step into the parade to walk the  route as bucket shakers, collecting donations for local charities.

Some of the areas where volunteers are still needed are  listed below:


Friday, 4:30-10PM (5 Volunteers)

Saturday, 2:30-6:30PM (8 Volunteers)

Beer Tents:

Friday, 4-7PM (24 Volunteers)

Friday, 4:30-10PM (8 Volunteers)

Saturday, 1:30-6PM (20 Volunteers)

Sunday, 2-6:30PM (14 Volunteers)

Monday, 10:30AM-2:30PM (12 Volunteers)

Monday, 11:30AM-4PM (10 Volunteers)

Carillon Area (VIP Area – need a great small group here!)

Saturday 2:30-10PM (6 Volunteers)

Sunday 2:30-10PM (6 Volunteers)

Food Service (Great for groups of teens/adults)

Friday, 2-6PM (8 Volunteers)

Saturday, 2-6PM (group of 9 Volunteers, group of 12 Volunteers)

Saturday, 8:30-11PM (8 Volunteers)

Monday, 11AM-4:30PM (6 Volunteers)

Monday, 11AM-3PM (10 Volunteers)

Monday, 2:30-6PM (10 Volunteers)

Parade/Fling Mile

Monday, 8-10AM, (16 Volunteers)

Other Areas

Other areas that could need volunteers are  Special Events Shifts, Backstage Shifts, Signage Shifts and Family Fun Land Clean-Up shifts throughout the weekend.

To volunteer, contact Lisa Kelsey, 2012 Last Fling Administrator, via e-mail at naperlastfling@gmail.com or sign up online at  www.lastfling.org/volunteer.cfm

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