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Great Western Flooring’s new rooftop array


Last month, Great Western Flooring Company of Naperville successfully completed one of the largest rooftop-mounted solar systems in the State. The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce made the trek to the roof last week to join Great Western in celebrating the debut of their new power system.

The rooftop array – made up of 644 panels – is expected to produce 180MW hours annually, the equivalent to powering approximately 42 U.S. households. The annual savings are comparable to reducing 131.36 tons of carbon dioxide, eliminating emissions of 14,109 gallons of gasoline or keeping 111 acres of forest absorbing carbon. Since the completion of the project, Great Western Flooring is just shy of achieving LEED Certification – a goal for the company.

“The Chamber of Commerce has reached new heights!” said Naperville Mayor George Pradel, “Thank you for doing this! This is going to be an example for all of the other businesses around here and hopefully it will catch on.”

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Great Western Flooring Owner and President Steve Chirico said, “It was a long project…but it’s really turned out wonderfully. It’s great for the environment, it’s great for us here and we’re very proud.”

Naperville-based WCP Solar Services was contracted to develop, design and install the system that began at the end of March. This project enabled the company to bring on 5 full time employees.

For more information visit www.greatwesternflooring.com.

Submitted by Dana Chirico

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