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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Naper Settlement partners with Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores


Next time you pass the corner of Aurora at Webster, note the new patio furniture in front of the PreEmption House at Naper Settlement.

The Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores of Naperville and Bolingbrook have generously provided the bright umbrellas and wrought iron-style tables and chairs, now located at the entrance to Naper Settlement, 523 S. Webster St.

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The furniture is set outside to give visitors and staff an opportunity to take a break—perhaps with lunch or coffee— and enjoy the museum’s beautiful landscaping on the patio near the Century Walk sculpture depicting Horse Market Days.

Every year, local Lowe’s stores select a community organization that would benefit from their volunteer efforts. This year, both the Bolingbrook and Naperville Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores chose Naper Settlement.

“We are grateful to Lowe’s for their generosity in providing patio furniture for our visitors and staff to enjoy,” said Josh Chartier, Director of Organizational Resources. “We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Lowe’s, which also includes a volunteer project in the near future.”

About Naper Settlement: History comes to life at Naper Settlement, Chicagoland’s outdoor history museum, located at 523 S. Webster St. in Naperville. Accredited by the American Association of Museums, Naper Settlement has 30 historic structures ranging from a rustic log cabin to an elegant Victorian mansion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more information about hours and admission prices, visit www.napersettlement.museum or call (630) 420-6010.


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