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Greetings to PN in August 2012


 Note: Most recent comments—edited, of course— are posted at the top.

Hope all is going well. The paper and website are looking good—better all the time. Probably see you at the Fling. —Joe Haselhorst

Just wanted to thank you for posting so much of our Park District news on Positively Naperville (Website). I just saw the Springbrook Ladies article and I know the golfers will be pleased to see it. Take care and enjoy the last of the summer.  —Sue Omanson, Community Development Manager, Naperville Park District

Who is the kind paper boy that left PN at my front door? —Bev Frier

Please accept the attached news release (Mini Med School) for submission to Postively Naperville. Thanks for your support of future physicians. —Dr. Ira Rubin

Thanks for the nice coverage (CVG Design Group story). That’s quite an honor for Bruce and the firm. I can’t believe the 50-year part, however. I am now the Rotarian in our (Rotary Club of Naperville) club with the most service. Would you believe I joined Rotary in 1962! —Sent from my iPad: Chuck George


I love your (Positively Naperville). It has more relevant Naperville information then all the others combined.

In May I started recruiting local musicians to play on the riverwalk. Every Saturday morning a group of six to twelve players meet at the pavilion (by dandelion fountain) to play country, folk, and classic rock music on (non electric) instruments. The response has been great, both from the volunteer musicians and the audience. Many people stop to sing, kids dance. Donations have been going to Loaves and Fishes.

We’d love it if you’d mention us in an upcoming issue of PN, print or web.   Both are good resources. Thanks. —Russ Swanson, Naperville Acoustic Pickers

Thank you once again for coming out and judging this past Saturday! We had a great time and had some really great feedback. We couldn’t have done the apple pie contest without you. (And judges Tim West, Mike Krol, Neda Darwish) Thanks again! —Jenn Edginton, Learning Experiences Coordinator, Naper Settlement

…Thank you for your participation as a judge and your support for Naper Settlement throughout the years and all we do! —Peggy Frank, President and CEO of Naper Settlement/Naperville Heritage Society

I’ve had lots of comments from those who recognize Annie and friends—especially Annie laying on her back on chaise! Dave was impressed with delivery service!!! —Jo Lundeen, PN Photographer

Thanks,  Stephanie,  for judging and writing the article. It was fun judging, although I think I am off apple pies for a while.  Your support of Naper Settlement is appreciated.  —Mike Krol, Chairman, Naperville Heritage Society Board of Directors

We keep monthly tabs on what happens with the Tweets we send out. The article on your website about us taking down the elm tree at our 95th Street Library was one of the Tweets that was clicked through the most in July. I’m taking that to mean that folks saw our Tweet about the posting PN online posting and had no trouble clicking through to the article. Thanks for making it easy for us to get the word out about our programs, services and events! —Susan Greenwood, Community Relations Associate, Naperville Public Library

Hey, that website is so much better. Fantastic. So much easier to navigate and see everything. You should get an award for it. Really! —Steve Hyett

Thank you for posting our golf outing (Naperville Fraternal Order of Police Charity Golf Outing at Tamarack Golf Club.)  Can you correct one thing on the listing? The hyperlink for the event www.golfinvite.conm/fop42 is missing the number “2”, the current link is www.golfinvite.com/fop4 and it should read www.golfinvite.conm/fop42 . Thanks! —Vince Clark

CORRECTED GOLF CALENDAR POST: Fraternal-order-of-police-lodge-42-charity-golf-outing

The Naperville Community Associates is holding their first meeting which is open to the public. We would be most grateful if you could include the following information in “Positively Naperville”:

The Naperville Community Associates of the Art Institute of Chicago will host their Fall luncheon open to the public on Friday, September 14, 2010 at Naperville Country Club, 25W. 570 Chicago Avenue, Naperville IL 60540. Registration 10:30, 11:00 Director’s welcome 11.15 lunch, 12:15 meeting 12:30 Lecture by Leslie Hindman, founder and owner of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. The cost is $33.00, please contact Mary Wilson, (630) 983-7759 if interested in attending.

Thanks for your consideration. —Ann Maroney Publicity, Chairperson, NCA of the AIC.

Just finished reading Positively Naperville – and my husband noticed me smiling. I must say that you have a wonderful way of spreading and sharing the joy in the midst of communicating our Naperville news!

I thought you’d enjoy the article below entitled, “Happy About Nothing.”  Diane Overgard is a former KidsMatter Board President and is also very intentional about sharing joy. Enjoy your weekend. —IdaLynn Wenhold, Executive Director/KidsMatter

AWESOME! Really a beautiful picture. Thanks. —Nancy Davis

 PN WEB POST: Ducks, geese and coyotes

I really like your Positively Naperville and KIN program. We don’t do enough of that stuff in my opinion. I know positive news won’t sell nearly as many papers as a train wreck would, but it certainly sets the right tone…Keep up the good work! —Rick Gill

That’s awesome – Thank you! —Peter Ellman, Vice President, Ellman’s Music Center

 PN WEB POST: Pete Ellman Big Band found spotlight under dog star





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PN Ombudsman
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