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Fiscally Responsible in 2012 — Get the most from your personal banker


When creating a new banking relationship, there are a few important things to keep in mind in order to have the best experience. The personal banker you are working with does not know anything about you or your banking needs, so  they will ask questions about your current banking habits and requirements; including what types of accounts  you currently have, how  you access those funds, and what you are saving for.  This knowledge will allow the banker to match services to your specific needs.

After creating your first accounts, the banker will want to follow up with you. This can deepen the overall understanding your banker has about your growing or changing needs. The partnership you have with your banker often result in more dedicated and creative thinking to your benefit. You can expect to be a priority for your banker, which means you can benefit from new offers, bank specials and events.

Look at your personal banker in the same way you think about your doctor, your personal trainer or your child’s teacher. Your banker is there to improve your financial life.  Allowing your personal banker to work hand in hand with you will ensure a happy productive banking relationship, tailored to your specific needs and financial goals.

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Shoshana Frank
Shoshana Frankhttp://www.banknaperville.com
Shoshana Frank is a personal banker at Naperville Bank & Trust in Downtown Naperville. Please contact her at sfrank@banknaperville.com or 630-548-6606.