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Crew soon will begin work to help preserve Naperville landmark


Time has taken a toll on the stained glass window in the Old Stone Church, now the clubhouse for the  Naperville Woman’s Club.

Constructed in 1899, the Naperville Landmark Building includes a beautiful stained glass window that has been protected by a Plexiglas shield since 1973. The shield has kept the window itself in good shape. However, the cover has pulled away from the building and needs to be replaced with a new acrylic shield.

A crew from Associated Crafts soon will be in Naperville to repair the cover and millwork, and to reset the window. Associated Crafts has been preserving historic stained glass for 35 years.

Naperville Woman’s Club members raised the money from two sources and supplemented it from the Club budget because they wanted the one-of-a-kind historic Naperville Landmark to be protected.

The Landmark building at 14 S. Washington Street is available to rent for private parties and meetings.

For more information about membership, events, fundraisers and other philanthropy organized by the Naperville Woman’s Club,  visit napervillewomansclub.org/ or call (630) 420-9680.

The Club has been serving the community since its organization in 1897.

The Century Walk mural high on Van Buren Place across the street from the landmark church building includes an image that depicts the philanthropy of the  Naperville Woman’s Club. The mural pays tribute to active Naperville service clubs—Rotary,  Lions, Exchange Club, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Woman’s Club and Junior Woman’s Club—that are among the many  organizations with annual fundraising initiatives that benefit local nonprofit social services,  adding to the quality of life in Naperville.


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