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Find Red Gold along Indiana State Route 28— and at Casey’s Foods


If ever you travel along State Road  28 in Indiana, just east of Alexandria and west of Elwood , you’ll see the big distribution center for the Red Gold Company in Orestes, also the location of one of three manufacturing and canning facilities for many of the best tomato products anywhere. The  family-owned business based “in the heart of tomato country”  dates back to 1942.

Locally, you’ll find its tasty ketchup on the shelf at Casey’s Foods, just across the aisle from the Gourmet Deli Department.

Red Gold Ketchup, a good or better match for even the most popular brands, also is served at Your Neighbors,  a friendly bar and grill, located in Hobson West Commons, just off 75th Street near the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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PN enjoys making connections, especially with family-owned-and-operated businesses— and ones with signs that they are now hiring.

FYI: Other  consumer brands produced at the Indiana plants include Red Gold, Redpack canned tomato products and Tuttorosso canned tomato products, as well as Sacramento Tomato Juices, popular in Bloody Marys mixed up for Sunday Brunch.

Did you know? According to the trusted World Book Encyclopedia, botanists classify the round smooth tomato together with its seeds as a fruit. Much like a grape,  it grows on a vine. By contrast and U.S. tariff laws enacted in 1893, a tomato is considered a vegetable. The Supreme Court Ruling defined produce by its use and not its scientific classification. Certainly from its use as the centerpiece in cooking and a culinary point of view, a tomato appears to be a vegetable.

The debate regarding whether the tomato is a fruit or vegetable likely won’t end anytime this growing season.

Final Note:  The  tomato, high in vitamins A and C,  more than likely is the most  popular home-grown plant in the the Garden Plots along West Street, so most gardeners know about the dreaded blossom-end rot during these sultry dog days.  Gardeners  recommend keeping  tomato plants watered. Tomatoes love frequent showers and well-drained soil.

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