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Ed’s Many Hats — Raccoons, t-shirts and good local service


Raccoon (Procyon lotor) 2
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Kathy and I don’t live in the “country,” but we do live far enough from downtown that our friends think its country. We live five miles from Dean’s Clothing, out on Hobson Road.

In addition to horses, cats and dogs, we have many other animals hanging around. We’ve seen deer, coyotes, fox, opossum, and thousands of raccoons. Kathy adopted our cat Murphy as a kitten. He was feral. He’s pretty tame now, but still demands to be outside all night. To accommodate Murph, I had cat doors installed in the sun room and garage doors. Big mistake.

A few weeks ago at 1AM, there was a huge commotion downstairs. Kathy ran down to see what was happening. Our dog Chance and a raccoon were locked in battle behind the TV. Kathy said it looked like Chance had a fur coat around his neck. They fought their way up to the dining room and all the way upstairs to Kathy’s office.

Kathy finally got Chance off the raccoon and shooed the raccoon out through an upstairs window.

Actually the raccoon incident isn’t the theme of this story. It’s about local service.

The morning after the raccoon/ dog disaster, Kathy called Russell Martin Carpets to clean up the mess. Dave Martin was at our door by 10AM and his crew arrived the next morning. Kathy had concerns about saving the carpet, but when Dave’s crew left, it looked like new.

Service doesn’t get any better than that!

Actually, there are so many terrific companies in town that I don’t have space to mention them. However, I do want to mention the unbelievable service I’ve received many times from Minuteman Press.

I experienced an example of their “immediately or sooner” service a couple of weeks ago when I realized I needed 32 t-shirts with a photo printed on the front of each by Sunday. I took the shirts to Ray Kinney on a Tuesday and explained my urgency. In typical fashion, Ray said, “No problem Eddie, they’ll be done by Friday.”

And they were. Service can’t get any better than that.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who own and run the outstanding local service companies in Thrillville.

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Ed Channell
Ed Channell
Ed Channell has served on many boards, foundations and fundraising campaigns during more than 50 years in Naperville—and he loves feedback. Give it to him at echannell1@gmail.com.


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