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A Naperville Gardener — A garden walk, a granddaughter and a rose garden


Are you proud of your landscaping and delighted with the results that you have accomplished over the years? Would you like to show it off? Next summer — Sat., June 8, 2013 — the Naperville Garden Club will be hosting a Garden Walk.

We are looking for homeowners who have learned to roll with the punches that gardening in the Midwest demands. We know that the best-laid plans can be thwarted by Mother Nature who gives us late frosts, early heat waves, hot windy days and bright, cold days—sometimes all in the same week!

But there’s always something in the landscape that unexpectedly impresses us. This year, my hellebores and peonies were the stars in my garden. My roses had an early bloom and also were the best they’ve ever been.

So, knowing that everyone on the Garden Walk will be dealing with the same weather, please call me (630) 851-6038) or e-mail the Naperville Garden Club (napervillegardenclub@hotmail.com) and tell me you’d like to be considered for our Garden Walk. You’ve worked hard to make your yard and garden special. Here’s your chance to bask in the glow of your success.

As I write this column in mid July, I’m in my second of three weeks with my son and his family (and new rose garden) in Arizona. My granddaughter, Addison, is 18 months old now and learning new things every day — like how fast does she need to run so Grandma can’t catch her!

The rose garden is six months old and going though its first summer. It is interesting to me how almost all of the garden information is based on how much cold a plant can take, not how much heat it can survive. So Christian and I are trying to figure that out. Last winter, when we planted the garden, the sun was on a path that provided filtered shade from the neighbor’s trees.

Now it’s more directly overhead, so we’re considering some sort of pergola if the increased watering doesn’t help keep the leaves from turning brown. I will cut them back so there’s less foliage to need water, but it sure is hot here. Our goal at this time is to help the roses survive the summer.

And I wonder how my roses at home are doing, with Kent in charge of the watering, fertilizing and deadheading.

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Marilyn Krueger
Marilyn Kruegerhttp://www.napervillegardenclub.org
Marilyn Krueger is an avid local gardener and member of the Naperville Garden Club.


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