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Watch the world of nature while watching out for coyotes, too


Every visit to the Naperville Riverwalk to watch the waterfowl ignites a fascination with wonder.

From wildlife swimming in the DuPage River to cloud formations in the sky, observers can let their imaginations run wild, wondering why things in nature take shape the way they do.

For instance, consider that during a moment of sky gazing on July 28 with camera in hand,  a humongous bird in the clouds suddenly appeared.

And on August 2, a gaggle of geese swam under the Eagle Street Bridge in downtown Naperville, headed west.  When a mallard duck approached from the opposite direction, the  geese began to part ways to let the mallard swim peacefully on her way between them.  There was no honking. The geese simply let the duck pass without incident.

It’s a wonder what can be learned by watching wildlife!

School District 203 begins August 15.

School District 204 begins August 23.

Before the busy routine of school begins again, here’s hoping youngsters will be encouraged to take a little time to study and enjoy the activities of animals and plants  in the natural habitats within the city’s boundaries. From the Riverwalk to Springbrook Prairie to  Knoch Knolls Park— and all parks in between and beyond— much can be learned.

Observe, never feed,  the wildlife as it coexists all around us.

Watch out for coyotes, too! In a related note, a special educational forum  is scheduled at 7PM, Mon. Aug. 6, in the lower level of the Municipal Center for interested residents to learn about the coyote population in Naperville. Forest Preserve of DuPage CountyNaturalist Jack MacRae will present the enlightening program in conjunction with the Naperville Police Department Animal Control Unit. The Municipal Center is located at 400 S. Eagle St.


Beware of Coyote Encounters

Snakes! (Featured presentation by Naturalist Jack MacRae)


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