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Raise Your Play I.Q. — School will soon be in session


Where does the summer go? It seems that the carefree days of summer are fleeting. If you have or care for younger ones, you may be starting to think about getting schedules back on track before school begins.

There is no doubt that transitions can be difficult for all ages; however, the behavior of our young ones can be particularly challenging with even the smallest changes. As your family transitions back into the school year, keep the following tips in mind from Hand in Hand: Nurturing the Parent-Child Connection.

Children benefit from information. When you need to change an activity, it’s important to talk with your child about it. Presenting the information and allowing time for the information sink in help prevent some of the power struggles that develop around transitions.

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Children flourish with a tone of optimism. A tone that carries friendliness, optimism and understanding makes it more likely that a transition will go well. Having a tone of optimism can help children feel close enough to a parent or caregiver to cooperate with a necessary transition.

Sometimes your child needs to protest. The untold story about transitions is that children sometimes need to protest. Getting upset helps children address and release unhappy feelings.

Although summer fades and transitions are inevitable, remember to savor the adventure that continues with new fall activities and schedules. Before school starts, plan a visit to DuPage Children’s Museum. Check out opportunities to grow and learn offered by fall Creativity Classes at the Museum.

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Mollie H.M. Willis
Mollie H.M. Willishttp://www.dupagechildrensmuseum.org
Raise Your Play IQ™ is written by Mollie H.M. Willis, M.S. Curriculum & Instruction, an early learning consultant to Dupage Children's Museum. Ms. Willis has more than ten years of experience in early learning including preschool administration and teaching. She can be reached through the museum at admin@dupagechildrensmuseum.org.


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