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Registration open for fall session of ProActive Kids


Registration is open for the fall session of ProActive Kids, to be held Sept.17 to Nov. 9 at Edward Health & Fitness Center, 6600 S. Rt. 53 in Woodridge.

ProActive Kids, in partnership with Edward Hospital, offers the free program for kids 8-14 and their families to help tackle the community’s childhood obesity challenge. The program is designed especially for kids who are struggling with unhealthy weight.

Kids and families are encouraged to sign up at www.proactivekids.org. A referral from the child’s primary care physician is required.

In the program, ProActive Kids are engaged in a variety of PAK PLAN activities Mon., Wed. and Fri. for eight weeks: PAK Fitness, PAK Nutrition and PAK Lifestyle. Each educational lesson and fitness activity is designed to make a significant impact, while building a foundation for life-long success in the areas of fitness, personal health and self-esteem.

On Fridays, members of the child’s family participate in the activities and learn how they can also benefit from and support lifestyle changes.

For more information or to enroll, call (630) 681-1558, e-mail info@proactivekids.org or visit www.proactivekids.org.


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