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Mission Possible Dental Clinic receives grant


Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley recently awarded a $10,000 grant for the dental clinic at Mission Possible, a downtown Aurora Christian ministry. The grant enables the Mission Possible dentists, led by Dr. Brian O’Donovan of Aurora and Dr. Jim Moore of Yorkville, to purchase equipment to produce digital x-rays for uninsured patients served at this free clinic.

The grant was announced at the grand opening of the ministry’s new dental operatory on Sat., July 25. Guests at the grand opening celebration included Rick Guzman, Aurora’s Assistant Chief of Staff and Milton Coronado, a Latino Christian artist and pastor. At Mission Possible, Pastor Coronado creatively shares Biblical messages through six paintings that grace the facility at 63 South Broadway.

Individuals who do not have insurance coverage and do not meet eligibility requirements for Medicare, Medicaid, disability, veterans, or other governmental health care programs are welcome at Mission Possible. Dental services are available beginning July 31, on a first come, first served appointment basis for exams, cleanings, extractions, and fillings. Other Mission Possible health services—medical, vision, and orthopedic clinics—opened earlier this year. Eligible individuals may schedule appointments by calling 630-801-0086.

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To learn more about Mission Possible visit www.onjesusmission.org.

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