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Naperville Public Library removes diseased elm tree


A diseased Russian Elm tree was removed from the entrance circle to the 95th Street Library due to Dutch Elm Disease.

Workmen from The Care of Trees removed the elm on Wed., July 25. “The Library has been very diligent with annual tree care”, explained Skeet McCallahan, Certified Arborist with the firm. “Unfortunately there is no preventative treatment for Dutch Elm Disease with this specific variety of elm.”

“The Russian Elm at 95th Street has been the centerpiece of that property for years, and it is unfortunate that, despite the Library’s best efforts, it has succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease”, explains John Spears, Naperville Public Library Executive Director. “ Although the look of the Library will change as a result, the safety of our users was at the forefront of our decision to remove it. “

The landmark elm graced the farm that is the current site of the 95th Street Library and Pioneer Park.  Care of the tree began prior to the construction of the Library that opened in 2003. During the past nine years the Library supplied fertilization, pest management, soil care, root enhancing, and sanitation pruning.  In addition nationally known elm authority George Ware studied the tree, collecting seeds and starting new trees.

For more information visit www.naperville-lib.org.

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