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Riverwalk Gateway to North Central College is taking shape


Since the school year ended at North Central College, the Riverwalk Gateway adjacent to Fredenhagen Park has been taking shape— and a few turns along the DuPage River.

The College is partnering with the City of Naperville, Naperville Park District, Naperville Riverwalk Commission and Naperville Riverwalk Foundation to build the Riverwalk Gateway this summer in the area between Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium and the Riverwalk extension to Hillside Road.

When completed, the  Riverwalk Gateway along with  Sesquicentennial Walkway will  comprise North Central  College’s Sesquicentennial Legacy Project, improving  pedestrian access while beautifying the campus for the enjoyment of the community.

Seating areas, commemorative bricks and brick pathways will enhance the park.

In addition, a  landscaped winding pathway will follow the east bank of the West Branch of the DuPage River next to Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium. Brick pillars designating the area as an entrance to North Central College will be installed near Fredenhagen Park as part of the project.

Photos presented here were taken July 22. Click on any photo to enlarge. Use arrows to advance the gallery.

Back Home Again

Sunday evening, folks were strolling the Riverwalk to view the construction back near the Moser Covered Bridge. One couple inquired how to purchase bricks.

Former residents Mary and Clem Ondracek,  visiting for two months this summer from Estero, Florida, a city just north of Naples, said they had lived here from 1956 to 200o. They raised all five of their children in Naperville and are happy to be “back home again.” For several weeks, they’ve been  playing bridge and golf with friends and spending time with their daughter, Nancy Lullo, the only one of their children who still resides in Naperville. Now they’d like to commemorate their “fun time in Naperville” with a message on a brick.

Known as a gathering place for all ages, the Riverwalk is a linear park that winds along the DuPage River from Jefferson to Hillside roads. Its covered bridges, fountains, landscaping and distinctive shepherd’s crook light poles are symbolic of Naperville’s ties to its historic past as the oldest settlement in DuPage County.

To mark the city’s sesquicentennial in the early 1980s, residents donated their time, money and materials to transform a once-forgotten riverfront into a natural treasure that is a sense of pride to residents and visitors alike. Playgrounds, sculptures, gardens, fishing piers and paddle boats are just a few of its attractions.

The Riverwalk is highlighted with exceptional amenities, including the stunning tranquility  of Fredenhagen Park with its  clock tower and Exchange Club Memories Fountain.

For more information or to purchase a Riverwalk  brick, contact the Riverwalk Administrator at ericksonj@naperville.il.us.

FYI: Going forward, when the Riverwalk Gateway is finished, a second phase of the project will welcome walkers, joggers and runners to explore North Central’s campus by improving the Sesquicentennial Walkway—a north-south pathway between Brainard and Loomis streets that extends from just north of Chicago Avenue to Benton Avenue. The Sesquicentennial Walkway improvements are scheduled for 2012 and will include burying overhead power lines and installation of brick pavers and landscaping.


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