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Interior Motives — Guests are coming…


Having a guest room can be a luxury. But if you’re lucky enough to have the space for one, why not do it up right? Your guests deserve it, and you can create a comfortable guest room easily and affordably.

  • Begin by jotting down some ideas for your guest room.
  • What kind of atmosphere do I want to create in my guest room? (Calming and restful? Fun and Exciting?)
  • What furniture is essential to this room (e.g., a bed, dresser, right table)?
  • Do I already have furnishings and accessories that I could use?

Once your vision for the room is clear, clear out the space. Paint, if that’s part of your plan and take care of any flooring needs, such as laying down an area rug. Bring in the furniture you already own or have purchased, then take a step back. Before you begin accessorizing, go back to your answers to those questions and contemplate the mood you’re going for. Your accessories are the items that will help you meet your goals and establish the mood, so choose them carefully. Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase just a couple of really special throw pillow.
  • Keep the bed simple with a white comforter, but add a decorative bed runner to the foot of the bed (all the hotels are doing this now).
  • Gather up some books and cover them with decorative papers and place bed side.
  • Add calming touches such as scented candles, a light with a dimmer bulb, and soft fluffy pillows.
  • Give your guest the luxury of sleeping in by adding black out roller shades or drapery to the windows.

Roseland Draperies and Interiors can help you to create that special guest room, call us today about pillows, bed runners, or window treatments that will complete your space.

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Chris Cash
Chris Cashhttp://www.roselanddraperies.com
Chris Cash is an Interior Designer with Roseland Draperies & Interiors, located at 204 S. Washington in downtown Naperville. Contact her at (630) 355.1565 or www.roselanddraperies.com.


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