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NCTV17 announces new documentary on Naperville’s growth


Modern Development is the most recent addition to Naperville Community Television’s award-winning documentary series: Naperville Recollections. In this new documentary NCTV17 continues its ongoing commitment to preserving the rich history of Naperville while educating and entertaining residents with stories of historical significance in our community.  Modern Development is the story of Naperville’s growth from 1968 to present day.

In the late 1960’s Naperville was a town struggling to find its own identity in the midst of oncoming growth in the region.  It would soon find its cornfields and pastures turning into neighborhoods, schools and parks.  The river would no longer draw horses in for a drink, but visitors thirsty for a good time.  Cow paths would be paved and become major roads connecting Naperville to the region, the state and the country.  Naperville would decide to tackle this growth from the inside out by creating a city manager form of government that supports both its residents and its businesses…becoming a model of a 20th century city.

In Naperville Recollections: Modern Development, the viewer will hear from national expert urban development and author of Sprawl, Bob Bruegmann, “Naperville built itself an identity, it’s built itself a brand, a very important brand.  Part of that is its physical assets, it had the very attractive small downtown, it had the river, it had the college, but I think that  Naperville has very much built on that much of what you see today isn’t really what Naperville inherited, it’s what Naperville remade in order to create that kind of brand, and it’s a kind of brand that’s very potent, because it isn’t shared by most of the towns surrounding it, certainly isn’t true of Warrenville or Winfield, or places like that,- almost everybody thinking Naperville will think that little downtown, those shops, the college, the river, it makes a very memorable place.”

Other experts include Ann Durkin Keating editor of the Encyclopedia of Chicago” and Joe Bigott, author of  From the Cottage to the Bungalow, …as well as local notables Bob Fischer of the Naperville Home Owners Associate, Christine Jeffries Naperville Development Partnership  and retired Electric Director for the City of Naperville,  Allan Pool.

The production of Naperville Recollections: Modern Development was led by Producer Matt Peace along with Executive Director Elizabeth Braham Spencer.  “This documentary tackles the broad topic of modern development that many may roll their eyes at as being boring, yet producer Matt Peace demonstrates his story telling ability by bringing out the human element and creates a truly compelling story!” said Spencer.

The documentary was partially funded by the City of Naperville’s SECA grant.

The program will begin airing on Channel 17 in Naperville on September 3 at 7 PM in honor of Labor Day and will be premiered to the public at the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 Eagle St. on August 13 in Council Chambers. The screening will start at 7 PM and is offered without charge and is open to the public. To RSVP email RSVP@nctv17.com.

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