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Financial aid workshop for prospective college students this week


College Funding Planners is holding a workshop on how local families can successfully apply for student financial aid and grants. Students and their parents will be shown how to get maximum financial aid in the form of grants and awards from prospective colleges.

The one hour workshop is hosted by College Funding Planners, a Naperville based affiliate of 123College, Inc., one of the nation’s oldest and largest college funding advisory firms. The firm assists in filing financial aid forms for inbound college students.

“Billions of dollars in student aid went unclaimed last year,” said Ryan Paul, one of the firm’s managing members.  “The reason for this phenomenon is that 90% or more of families sending a child to college try to navigate the financial aid process on their own.”

Alex Paul, the other Managing Member added, “Unfortunately, the college financial aid process is complicated, confusing and mysterious. Once people learn how to crack the financial aid code, you can get maximum financial aid possible, minimizing the amount you have to pay out of pocket…as well as reducing or eliminating student loans.”

Attendees can expect to learn about the financial aid process, eligibility requirements, and how to avoid mistakes many make when applying for student financial aid.

The workshop will be held on Wed.,  July 25, and Thurs., July 26,  from 7 to 8PM in the Community Room of the downtown Nichols Library at 200 W. Jefferson in downtown Naperville. For more information call (888) 289-3803 or email info@collegefundingplanners.com.

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