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The rushing DuPage River attracts ducks along the Riverwalk


Just yesterday, the waterfowl along the Riverwalk could be seen stepping carefully in the DuPage River as they paraded in the calm low water that barely covered their webbed feet.

Today, many ducks stood along the shoreline, observing the rushing rapids of the rising water stream by their watch near the Eagle Street Bridge.

Though closer to the Jefferson Street Bridge a few families of Mallards were swimming, the many sitting ducks along the shoreline were a wonder.

When crossing the DuPage River via the Riverwalk bridge that leads toward Centennial Beach, the view from the bridge  shows seemingly still  water flowing from the west. Turning 180 degrees, the  river ramps up as it runs east under the bridge toward the heart of downtown.

Much-needed rain started pouring in Naperville about 10PM Wednesday, with sporadic storms throughout the night.

It’s partly sunny 12 hours later.  According to the forecast, there’s a chance of a thunderstorm with more  rain this morning. The high today is predicted to top 102F.  Gentle breezes from the SSE are appreciated.  The chance of rain is 20 percent today. Then it’s supposed to be partly cloudy until Sunday.

What’s the difference between partly sunny and partly cloudy?

As American wit Kin Hubbard (1868-1930) once said, “Don’t knock the weather; nine tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in awhile.”

It’s comforting to know that unlike the weather and the seasons, at least one thing  in life hasn’t changed during the last 100 years.

Since 1981, the Riverwalk has been attracting visitors to downtown Naperville.  Step on the winding brick path at the Jefferson Street Bridge or any place along Jackson Ave. from Main Street to Centennial Beach. And beginning in 2003,  an entrance to the Riverwalk extension from Fredenhagen Park at the Washington Street Bridge  has welcomed walkers to follow the path, cross the Moser Covered Bridge and venture toward Hillside Ave.

Enjoy Naperville’s natural treasure  365 days a year where there’s something new and different to observe every day. Plus, the Riverwalk is  just a block from downtown Naperville where shopping and more than 40 eateries can create a different experience every time.

Update about some other changes in downtown Naperville

According to Katie Wood, Executive Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance (DNA), seven new merchants have opened their doors recently.

The Jackson Avenue Pub opened where The Grumpy Bulldog used to be. Pizzeria NEO is on Chicago Avenue in place of Tangerine Cafe. Green Basil Vietnamese Cuisine is in Jefferson Hill Shops around the corner from Quigley’s Irish Pub. And Q-BBQ is where Jilly’s was at the corner of Main and Van Buren.

For shoppers, check out Room 363 and Campbell Hill Upscale Resale in the alleyway off Washington near Pot Belly and find Francesca’s Collection at 25 W. Jefferson Ave.

Cock Robin t-shirts are new in downtown Naperville, too.  Limited quantities are available at Anderson’s Bookshop and Serendipity Resale Shop.  The awareness campaign and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Cock Robin t-shirts are designed to benefit Little Friends.


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