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Where’s Waldo finds he’s sought in Naperville


During the July meeting of IndieBound Naperville, Pete Ellman was first to say how much his business, Ellman’s Music Center, has been enjoying response during the Where’s Waldo Campaign, a month long promotion throughout Naperville’s independent business community.

Then more than a dozen members in attendance at Anderson’s Bookshop chimed in with anecdotes about how Waldo has been attracting all ages into their stores in search of Waldo, the popular book character in the red and white-striped shirt,  celebrating his 25th birthday this year.

“It is easy to implement and people are excited about it,” noted Sally Blackburn of Anderson’s Bookshop, who has been helping to coordinate the special event throughout independently-owned businesses all over town.

“We ran out of Waldo stickers at Heaven on Seven,” said Ashley Penick, assistant manager at the New Orleans-style restaurant in downtown Naperville after the meeting. “Andrew hid Waldo, but it’s pretty easy to find. Now we’re just giving away our business cards with a note that says ‘Found Waldo.’ on the back.”

Additional novel promotions likely will follow that give merchants a chance to be as creative as they want. For more about Where’s Waldo, stop by the window at Anderson’s Bookshop at 123 W. Jefferson Ave. The other evening it was fun to watch a youngster discover Waldo and holler down to his mother, “Come and look at Waldo!”

Heretofore, IndieBound Naperville meetings have been scheduled twice a month to accommodate schedules of small business owners. Going forward, one meeting a month will rotate from morning to evening.

Since 2008, the the group of independents has been growing, simply to share the challenges that come with small business ownership and to promote the value of shopping locally in support of independent businesses and restaurants.

The group  is looking forward to promoting their bright red independence during the Last Fling Labor Day Parade on Sept. 3. Look for their parade entry, jazzed up with live music by an ensemble from the Pete Ellman Big Band.

The next meeting will be at 8PM, Tues., August 21, at The Boxes, Cress Creek Shopping Ctr. 790 Royal St. George Dr. #141. All independent businesses are welcome to send a representative to see what IndieBound Naperville plans for the future.

September’s meeting will return to Anderson’s Two Doors East at 8:30AM on September 18. Two Doors East is located at 111 W. Jefferson.

“We will have a great informational program on how best to use Facebook to enhance your business,” said Blackburn.

In addition, IndieBound Naperville merchants again will put together a gift basket for 360 Youth Services for their annual auction and fundraiser.

For the past couple of years, IndieBound Naperville members have been working together to organize large gift baskets for designated fundraising events and auctions throughout the year.

For more information, visit www.indieboundnaperville.org.

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