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Naperville’s oldest pharmacy uses modern means to market Ozzie


Bill Anderson, owner of Oswald’s Pharmacy, said his folks found some more priceless pictures of the old store that sent him back to the scanner, digitizing again.

“One of the treasures was this picture of my granddad behind the original soda fountain about 1927,” said Anderson. “The fountain was taken out of the store in 1960 when we renovated to make room for the expansion of our cosmetic and gift department. We may not make malts and phosphates anymore, but we still have plenty of great items to help you enjoy your summer.”

Summer is here and it’s hot, noted Anderson, mindful of bygone days when folks stopped by for fountain service and an ice cold soda pop at  Oswald’s when the family business was located  in downtown Naperville.

“We don’t have a soda fountain anymore, but maybe this picture can help you cool off on this hot summer day!” noted Anderson on July 5 when the thermometer was hovering around 105 degrees all afternoon.

Oswald’s  is a full service pharmacy with even more to help  you  enjoy the good old summertime — bug spray, sunscreen lotion and Naperville t-shirts.

The next time you’re in Oswald’s, sign up for the monthly  Ozzie Gram.  Then  look for the occasional special offer–exclusive to Oswald’s  e-mail readers.

“It’s kind of fun doing the nostalgia with modern marketing methods!” e-mailed Anderson.

Oswald’s Pharmacy is located at 88 West Gartner, in the Naperville Plaza.

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