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Greetings to PN in July 2012


Your website and facebook page are excellent communicators of everything that is happening in Naperville! You make it a joy to read the news! Thanks for all you do to connect all of us to up-to-date news. Thanks also for your KIN project – something we all need a little more of in our lives. —IdaLynn Wenhold, Executive Director, KidsMatter

The Naperville Woman’s Club 53rd Juried Fine Art Fair held July 14-15 at Naper Settlement  is history. Despite the hot weather, we had great attendance and the artists were pleased that the people who attended were buying. We saw many packages and large pieces of art purchased, which is also a good sign that the economy is picking up!

Most of all, thanks to all of the generous sponsors and volunteers from the Naperville Woman’s Club, Dick Blick Art Materials and  the community who  devoted their time, before and during the event to help make it a record success! —Roxanne Lang, Art Fair Director

Thank you so much for posting an article about Luke’s LemonAIDE Stand! It was an amazing article and such wonderful publicity for the auction! Luke was over the moon excited! He said,” Mom! Now tons of people will see this and donate for Haiti!”  We truly appreciate the article and on behalf of Luke, his family, Impact for Jesus, and the Haitian people, we thank you! —Allison Hasan

Editor’s Note: The auction will be held from 3-6PM Sat., Aug. 11, at NWC Clubhouse, located at 14 S. Washington St.

Thanks so much. This mural (“My Naperville” by Petite Picassos) was such a labor of love and I am so happy that the story was shared. Best Regards and Yeah! for better weather. —Sangeeta Pande

I also wanted to say thanks for the article in PN, it was very nice. And I was able to thank Dave Dunphy (For organizing Ss. Peter & Paul Class Reunion) for all of his work to put that together. —Erin O’Donnell

I wanted to say thank you for the article (Naperville Independent Film Festival online)  and pictures. You did a great job and it looks wonderful.  —Mary Ellen Fieseler

Editor’s Note: The 2012  Naperville Independent Film Festival runs Sept. 15-22.  PN appreciates all the feedback regarding our new Web site.

Thanks a million for your front page article on the Exchange Club Memories Fountain and noting my small part in this wonderful project. There are many other Exchangites who’ve contributed time, talent and treasure to enhance this area. I want to be sure Pete Rocush, Committee Chair; Jan Erickson, Riverwalk Administrator; and Chuck Papanos, Park District are also recognized for their ongoing commitment to this beautiful space. —Donna Sable, Exchange Club of Naperville

Editor’s Note: We appreciate Donna Sable’s thoughtful reminder that when it comes to the Riverwalk,  first built to commemorate the city’s sesquicentennial in 1981, there’s no perfect place to stop (or start, for that matter)  recognizing folks where credit is due. So many generous people  made—and continue to make—the Riverwalk a natural treasure and source of pride and joy.  Since the July 2012 issue, PN has heard from people who were unaware of the Exchange Club’s huge contribution to Fredenhagen Park, which is hard to believe after 10 years.

For instance, even before the Exchange Club Memories Fountain Committee finished selling 600 commemorative bricks and 40 granite stones, other generous donors who helped raise $400,000 for Fredenhagen Park included Naperville Jaycees, Naperville  Woman’s Club, Naperville Junior Woman’s Club, Riverwalk Realtors, Ken Koranda/Mid America Bank, Ruth & Dwight Yackley of BBM Inc., Peter Wilt of the Chicago Fire, Joe Hudetz, Dave Kelsch of Advanced Data Technologies, Stephanie & Gerry Cassioppi, Barb Dwyer & Tom Greenberg, Ray Jones of Friedrich Jones, Jacqui & Don Carducci, Ed Channell of Sound Inc., Steve Chirico of Great Western Flooring, Barbara Smart, Mary & Steve Frost, and Donna Dziedzic.  Those donors do not include all of the volunteers who served on the fundraising committee, the Riverwalk Commission and the Riverwalk Foundation.  And the long list  doesn’t include folks who contributed to the Riverwalk 2000 Campaign for the Extension from Washington to Hillside  or the other earlier phases of the  Riverwalk from Main St. to Jefferson Ave. It’s an amazing story of a grass-roots initiative right in the heart of downtown Naperville that just keeps right on giving.

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PN Ombudsman
PN Ombudsman
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