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Off the Shelf — Reading while camping


After a stop at the library to check out movies for our family camping trip up north, my son, Kevin, and I stopped at Anderson’s Bookshop to pick up a couple of  summer reading books.  Kevin chose one of the titles listed on the recommended summer reading list for high school, Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella. With Kevin’s interest in history and being the youngest of four boys, a book about baseball, particularly the 1919 Chicago Sox Scandal, seemed like a perfect fit. I might have to purchase some peanuts and Crackerjacks for him to snack on while he reads. Another book on the school list, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, was a science fiction favorite of his brother, John, so we located it on a bookshelf at home.

In May, Kevin had received an advanced reader’s edition of Insignia by S. J. Kincaid from Anderson’s, but was unable to meet the author since I was not feeling well that evening. The young adult book is due out this month. Kevin enjoyed reading about Tom, a young teen, living in a futuristic world involving virtual reality gaming, and agreed with the other early reviewers that the book is a must read this summer.

The novel I chose was located in the local author section of the bookshop. I had received an email about Vivian Rios’ new book, Secrets will Kill, which sounded interesting. The murder mystery and romance novel, just over 540 pages, would be perfect for night time reading in my tent. I just have to make sure to bring along an extra set of batteries for my flashlight.

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Since my grandson, Liam, will be traveling with us, I stopped by a half- priced bookstore to pick up some activity books for him. A few sticker books, a dinosaur magnet game and puzzles were added to Liam’s car bag.

Garage sales going on this summer also make a great place to pick up children’s activity books for long car rides.

Make a few trips for books this month; try the library, Anderson’s Bookshop, garage sales and half-priced bookstores. Keep reading.

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Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan is a Naperville resident, wife, mother of five, and acknowledged bookaholic. Contact her at mary_corrigan@sbcglobal.net.


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