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Your Table is Ready — Q – BBQ


Family, Father’s Day, BBQ and Naperville – it doesn’t get any better.

The “smell of smoke” permeated the corner of Main at Van Buren streets in downtown Naperville. Expecting a full house at the recently opened Q–BBQ, the Rice Family was first in line when the doors opened – ready for some serious “Q”.

The Boys (aka Connor and Brendan) ordered their favorites – Smoked Pulled Chicken and Carolina Pulled Pork – both with fries and with a twist. Seasoned with Q13 spices and smoked for four hours, the Chicken is topped with Q-Slaw, hickory smoked bacon and Memphis Sweet Sauce while Carolina Pulled Pork is topped with Q-Slaw, smoked Gouda and Carolina Sauce – an eastern North Carolina vinegar based original recipe.

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When it was Laurie’s turn, she ordered the “Q-Plate” of Texas Chopped Brisket (ribs were not available ‘till after noon) along with sides of Mac-Q-Roni, made with cream and six cheeses and topped with cheese crackers, and BBQ Baked Beans seasoned with Carolina sauce, brown sugar and brisket. Throw in a side of cornbread and a couple of Q-Pups and she’s “livin’ high on the hog.”

Mark stepped to the plate and got real serious – a “Q-Combo” comes with two meats, two sides and Q-Pups. This BBQ throw-down includes Texas Sliced Brisket, Carolina Pulled Pork, BBQ Baked Beans and Green Beans with Garlic Balsamic. The Brisket rivals Sonny Bryan’s (Dallas, TX) and the Pulled Pork would best Parkers’ (Wilson, NC). Sides were great, but the icing on the cake for Mark was the South Carolina Mustard Sauce – brought back memories Jack’s Cosmic Dogs (Charleston, SC). Welcome to Hog Heaven. That says it all.

There was not a sound at the table – which was a good sound. Some fine eatin’ was happenin’.

The food and service a “Q-BBQ” is exceptional.

While the Rice Family was driving home, Mark said, “This was the best Father’s Day ever.” And it was.

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Laurie & Mark Rice
Laurie & Mark Rice
The Rice’s have lived in Naperville since 1987. Mark is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and a Sunrise Rotarian. Both Laurie and Mark are Kansas City Barbeque Society certified BBQ judges.


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