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Speak out for public safety around the clock


Signs all around town and throughout the world remind individuals to be Crime Stoppers.

In Naperville, America’s most recognized Crime Stopper, Dick Tracy, is monumental near the Naperville Township Building along the Riverwalk, just east of the covered bridge, across the DuPage River from the Dandelion Fountain.

Visit the 9-foot high sculpture to give the youngsters a lesson about public safety, including  water safety, vandalism, property rights and the consequences of theft, speeding and/or destroying someone else’s property.  Read and follow posted regulations along the Riverwalk that bicycles, skate boarding and  feeding wildlife are not permitted .

If you see something, say something for the public safety of everyone.  Thanks to citizen involvement, reports across the nation proclaim that crime is down in America.  Communities are safer when every citizen takes responsibility to report crimes instead of looking the other way.

Road rage is ramping up this summer as some drivers encounter delays that are to be expected during construction season.  Allow extra time. Pay attention. Drive carefully. Travel the posted speed limit in special construction areas to avoid arrest and hefty fines. Slow down.

Participate in local Neighborhood Watch programs to build a safer Naperville by helping local law enforcement when you see something suspicious.  Click here to get to know what every citizen needs to know about Naperville Crime Stoppers.

To submit a tip, simply phone (630) 420-6006.  Crime Stoppers has gone to great lengths to ensure that all tips are received anonymously so that citizens do not have to identify themselves. All citizens will have to do is report the information that they have.

A reward of up to $1,000 is offered for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to contact Naperville Crime Stopper at (630) 420-6006.

Have a safe summer.  National Night Out is slated for Tues., Aug. 7. Get to know your neighbors. Remember, if you see something suspicious, say something.

FYI:  Crime Stoppers International (CSI) states  its mission statement as: “To develop Crime Stoppers as an effective crime-solving organization throughout the world, with the primary objective of the tri-partite organization, Community, Media and Law Enforcement, being, Working Together to Solve Crime.”

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