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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Naperville Park District Board elects Commissioner Young as president; Commissioner Janor as VP


The Naperville Park District Board of Park Commissioners conducted annual officer elections at their regular meeting on Thursday, June 14.

Commissioner Kirsten Young was elected president and Commissioner Rich Janor was elected vice president. Both commissioners ran unopposed and were elected unanimously.

Additionally, Park District staff members Sue Stanish, director of finance, and Jacki Stern, executive administrative assistant, were elected as Board treasurer and Board secretary, respectively.

President Mike Reilly has served as president for the past three years and will continue to serve on the NPD Board of Commissioners.

“As board president, Mike Reilly has guided the Naperville Park District through an exciting and productive three years,” said Executive Director Ray McGury. “We are grateful for his dedication and service to the Park District and to the community.”

Photo of Kirsten Young courtesy of the Naperville Park District.


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