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Off the Shelf — Summertime and ‘Reading is so Delicious’


Now that summer break is here, it is time to sign up for the summer reading program at the Naperville Public Library. The reading program, “Reading is so Delicious,” begins Mon., June 4 and goes through July 29.  The library program encourages patrons young and old to continue to read with their families or by themselves during the summer months. Incentive prizes are rewarded for reading the age group recommendations, such as two books for a teen or completing the reading log for the elementary student.

A fabulous perk of being a kindergarten aide is reading books to the students during lunch and rest time. I will surely miss that this summer. The students have introduced me to a new series, Skippyjon Jones, by Judy Schachner. (Thank you, Henry, for bringing the book to school for me to read to the class). The children loved the story of the young Siamese cat who believes he is a Chihuahua. I recently purchased Skippyjon Jones And The Big Bones for my grandson at Anderson’s Bookshop. The story finds Skippyjon Jones meeting up with a bunch of dancing dinosaurs which will be perfect for my little dinosaur fan. The book also comes with a CD of the author reading the story-fantastico!

At a recent Rotary International dinner, the speaker mentioned a children’s book called Herman the Helper by Robert Kraus. Herman, a young octopus, is always helping others, performing both small and large tasks. The speaker acknowledged how Rotary members also find themselves helping others locally and on a wider scale with their work to eradicate polio around the world.

Thank you to all the wonderful service organizations in Naperville, like Rotary Club of Downtown Naperville, for whose help so many will benefit from.

Enjoy your summer reading!

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Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan
Mary Corrigan is a Naperville resident, wife, mother of five, and acknowledged bookaholic. Contact her at mary_corrigan@sbcglobal.net.