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Strategies for promoting positive Facebook posts


Positively Naperville on the new Facebook feature promote posts

The after effects of the Facebook IPO, now having to answer to shareholders and finding new ways to monetize itself, will be a challenging puzzle for many local businesses.  The latest feature, promote posts, is explained by Facebook HERE.

Over the past two weeks, on the Positively Naperville Facebook page, we began to notice pages not loaded quickly.  And, from past experience, this usually means Facebook is making changes to its code behind the scenes in a trench-like warfare environment where coders don’t sleep for days.  Most of us, (especially the PN staff) don’t even want to attempt to try and understand the computer (html) code behind it. There are probably many new monetizing features in the works that will inevitably cause a few headaches for users to learn.

Many small business owners manage a Facebook page.  Most share a similar frustration in trying to learn constant changes and whether time and money spent on Facebook brings in customers.

Large companies, and the Whitehouse, employ small armies to explicitly deal with social media.  Smaller companies may hire someone to run a social media campaign.  Many entrepreneurs are left to do it themselves.   Greg Gordon, owner of Dog Patch Pet & Feed in Naperville,  runs a successful Facebook page with quality pet content.  He often suggests to learn it and dedicate fifteen minutes per business day to manage it.  Plus, its the best form of free advertising.  Once you make it apart of the business routine, it’s easy.

Every business is different.  PN’s current strategy is…

Positively Naperville is a news source and community clearing house of positive information.  We utilize the Google News Feed, word of mouth and most importantly have grown organically over the last decade.  Facebook, Twitter and social media are merely a secondary means of communication.  PN has never and most likely will never spend valuable marketing dollars on Facebook or promote posts.  We post about 4-5 N.E.W.S. stories a day to Facebook which is linked to Twitter.  That’s it!

A few things PN has learned about Social Media for small businesses

  • Focus on Facebook first.  It’s the best free social media site.  Twitter plays second fiddle and other networks are effective on a case by case basis.  Pinterest is currently fashionable.
  • Keep your content current.  A post a day is a good rule of thumb.
  • Post lots of pictures and keep the message short.
  • Be patient.  It can take a year or three to get a 1,000 likes.
  • Grow organically!  Like contests do not always attract the right kind of clientele.  Fast growth usually leads to customers who are not engaged.
  • Thanks for exploring our new Web site. Visit regularly. We appreciate it.
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PN Ombudsman
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