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Note! Follow new directions in Paw Paw Parking Lot


Pay attention to parking lots in downtown Naperville!

The next time you head to park near Anderson’s Bookshop on Jefferson Ave.  or Hugo’s Frog Bar and Fish House in the Main Street Promenade, be prepared to follow the new arrows and one-way directional signs in the recently redesigned Paw Paw Parking Lot. The Paw Paw Parking Lot is located at the corner of Webster and Van Buren and is accessible for entry from Jefferson Ave., Webster St. and Van Buren.

From now on,  no  exit will be  allowed from the parking area that leads to  Jefferson Ave., located between Anderson’s Bookshop and Lou Malnati’s where new stripes on the asphalt designate parking spaces.  In fact, vehicles will not be permitted to enter the side parking lot from the Paw Paw Lot.  Entry-only is allowed from Jefferson Ave.

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Plan visits accordingly.  Drivers need to be mindful always to watch out for pedestrians—and vice versa.  Courtesy counts.

Simply follow directions for public safety.

Click any photo to enlarge. Use the arrows to navigate from one photo to the next.

And if you know Anthony Losurdo, General Manager of Hugo’s, ask him to whom he was talking when his picture was snapped for this Positively Naperville parking update.

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