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Interior Motives — is your style ‘global’?


Global style goes far beyond maps on the wall and trinkets on a shelf. It blends customs, cultures, and resources of the world in layers in your home in a very personal way. It connects your rooms with both local finds and pieces collected or sourced from the far corners of the earth.

Most tend to think of global as bright and bold, but you can take what is a very neutral room and add little touches such as a suzani print coverlet to the bed or kilim on the floor.

Building subtle color and texture into a space makes it more interesting. The joy of global interiors is that there is no such thing as clashing of colors or patterns. You can mix a traditional black and white striped chair with vibrant turquoise and pomegranate red pillows.  Reupholster your wing back chairs with a bold ikat print on the back and keep the front in a soothing solid.

When it comes to objects around your home look for one-of-a kind pieces from local artists or go on a “virtual trip” on the world wide Internet and purchase pieces from places you have only dreamed of visiting. Pieces like these have a story and are much more interesting than a vase or picture that thousands of people own from the same retail chain or catalog.

The key to transcending in to global lies in your confidence to combine different hues and patterns without restraint. As a designer we can help push your limits a little and “spin the globe” to find just the perfect blend of countries so you look well-traveled in your decorating style.

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Susan Fisher
Susan Fisher
Susan Fisher is a designer at Roseland Draperies & Interiors, located at 204 S. Washington in downtown Naperville. Contact her at (630) 355-1565. Susan offers free in home consultations on window treatments, bedding,and upholstery.