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Exchange Happenings — changing of the guard


Traditionally, April is the month for elections.  The same goes for the Exchange Club of Naperville.  The new officers will take over on July 3, the day Ribfest ends.

Jen Odin Cavalier will take the reigns as President, Dawn Portner will be the new President-Elect, Diane Sorescu will remain as Secretary and Scott Duenser will be Treasurer for another year.  Walter Johnson will be the Immediate Past President. All of us are grateful to all of these members for stepping up to a leadership role.

Walter Johnson has been a terrific President. Under his watch, the club has remained active and visible in the community. It’s been a great year for Exchange.

We had a fantastic 2011 Ribfest and this year’s should be even better. The Americanism Committee coordinated a very solemn September 11program. The Community Service group just held their Book of Golden Deeds awards to members of the community who thrive on volunteerism. The Allocation’s Committee awarded funds to 50 very worthwhile community organizations.

The Youth Committee awarded $500 Scholarships to six very deserving Naperville Seniors. In addition, a $1,000 scholarship was presented to an outstanding senior. And I’m sure we won’t skip a beat when Jen takes over the leadership.

Speaking of leadership, Mark Wright has done a superb job as Ribfest 2012 Chair. Plan to attend Ribfest, June 29 and 30, July 1, 2, and 3 and see the changes that have been made to make this an even better event than last year’s.

Also, remember guests are always welcome to join us for a luncheon meeting at noon on the first and third Fridays at Meson Sabika.  We welcome your interest in our club as we’re always seeking new members who embrace our mission.

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Emy Trotz
Emy Trotz
Emy Trotz is the Exchange Club’s Immediate Past President. For more information about the Exchange Club of Naperville or to attend a meeting, contact me at EmyTrotz@gmail.com.