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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Brownies crossed Riverwalk Covered Bridge to become Girl Scouts


Sunday afternoon families and friends watched three Brownies from Church of Christ Troop 51707 become Girl Scouts during “bridging ceremonies” at the Riverwalk Covered Bridge  near the Dandelion Fountain.  Sandwiched between two Junior Girl Scouts, the Brownies crossed the bridge where they all met at the other end. Afterward all the Girl Scouts  posed together for a photo at the Dandelion Fountain.


According to scout leaders on the bridge with the Girl Scouts, the Church of Christ Troop 51707 recently received publicity  for a fundraising service project for a young girl born with Apert syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes premature development of the skull, generating abnormalities in the skull, face and the fusion of bones in the hands and feet.  Initially, the scouts organized a cell phone and empty ink cartridge drive to lessen medical costs, an effort that  raised $800.

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Congratulations to all who volunteered and supported the development of the beautiful  Riverwalk, the city’s natural treasure  for gathering, peaceful reflection, weddings, family reunions, charity walks and many milestones such as the bridging ceremonies for scouts.

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