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Signs of IndieBound Naperville are all over town


Independent businesses owners and managers are invited to attend the next IndieBound Naperville meetings slated for 6PM Mon., June 4 and/or 8:30PM Tues., June 5. Independently-owned businesses are welcome to send a representative to one or both. Agendas at both meetings are the same. Some members attend both meetings. Most members choose one.  And to show their support, some members simply display the bright red IndieBound Naperville sign at their place of business.

The June Meetings will be held at Twisted Olive, 232 S. Washington St., in downtown Naperville, behind the yellow Strubler House along the walk to the parking deck. For information, call Twisted Olive owner Mary Shearer at (630) 428-2556.

This weekend plenty is happening at IndieBound Naperville businesses.

For instance, Friday evening the patio at Quigley’s Irish Pub was packed. Inside, Nancy Quigley and Andy Nosek found a little humor in GM Michele Michael’s creation to promote the patio as was featured in Positively Naperville. Also remember, Tues., June 5, teams vie for the Championship of the season for West Suburban Irish Quiz Night at Quigley’s. The trivia game begins promptly at 7PM. Quiz play is free. And players can win prizes.

Over at Heaven on Seven on Friday evening, Russ Hillard tapped a keg of the new beer now on draft from Solemn Oath, Naperville’s new brewery.

Then Saturday morning the ding! ding! of the Naperville Trolley driven by Tom Kuhn could be heard helping just marrieds celebrate their wedding day.

At 2PM Saturday Naperville native Chuck Spinner was scheduled to be at Anderson’s Bookshop with his new book, “The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing,” a story about a train accident in 1946.

June is bustin’ out all over town. And the number of bright red signs designating  IndieBound Naperville has been growing since October 2008. Look for the signs in the windows or the interiors of many independently-owned businesses throughout town.

For the long list of IndieBound Naperville businesses, visit www.indieboundnaperville.org.

Thanks for shopping, dining, banking and entertaining locally whenever possible.

Definition:  Indie is a short form of “independence” or “independent.” The growing use of the term may refer to: Indie art, fine arts, movies and local businesses,  created by artists and entrepreneurs  independent from large  commercial  establishments.

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