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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Our Story Naperville!


Thanks for helping create Our Story Naperville!

On May 2, in celebration of our 25th Anniversary, we invited Naperville to join us in the making of Our Story – a community-wide documentary modeled after Ridley Scott’s Life in a Day documentary.

And join us you did, as we’ve received more than 80 submissions including everything from swing dancing to seniors at Mass to toddlers playing in the park.

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The NCTV staff were also out for the entire 24 hours recording activities around town.  We took our cameras up in a plane, fixed them to the top of cars and also positioned them in a model power boat sent down the DuPage River.  We truly tried to tell Naperville’s story from every angle!

Over the next four months we will review all the submissions and edit the media together into a stunning testimony to a day in the life of Naperville. The final product will premiere later this fall.

To all of you who participated in this exciting event, our heartfelt thanks. We hope you enjoyed being behind the camera and telling us “your story.”

From the Board…

As with all not-for-profit boards, each year we say goodbye to directors who have completed their tenure and welcome new members.  Stepping down from our Board are Kelvin Fee, Patricia Fee and Valerie West.   We thank all three of them for their years of service and commitment to the station.  We will miss you guys!  In turn, we would like to welcome Tonya Alberico and Peter Danielsen to the Board of Directors.

—Liz Spencer, Executive Director, NCTV17

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