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Naperville Area Humane Society elects new members to its Board


The Naperville Area Humane Society (NAHS) recently announced the election of three new members to its Board. Anthony Cervini, CPA and Supervisor with Sikich; Aschley Hopkins Yanda, Owner and President of Out-U-Go! Naperville; and Mark Peek, Vice President of Global Technical Support at Tellabs are all excited about joining the Board.

New Board member, Anthony Cirvini of Sikich said, “As a CPA and MBA, coupled with nearly 7 years of experience in public accounting, I hope to bring additional financial and management skills to NAHS. As an auditor of governmental and non‐profit entities, I understand the unique challenges faced, and will help provide sound financial oversight for the NAHS operations.”

Aschley Hopkins Yanda of Out-U-Go stated, “Above all else, animal welfare is far and away the most important cause in my life, and I will work tirelessly to benefit the deserving animals and hardworking staff and volunteers of this organization.”

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Mark Peek of Tellabs said, “I look forward to being actively engaged in the mission and raising awareness of NAHS throughout the community.”

“NAHS is very excited to have these three individuals join our board of directors,” says executive director Angie Wood.  “They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization from three different industries.”

Naperville Area Humane Society is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1979 to develop and implement animal welfare programs and services within Naperville and the surrounding area. NAHS’ goal is to protect animals and to prevent animal suffering. NAHS strives to educate the community on compassion, respect, and kindness toward all living things.  The Society also provides shelter and adoption programs to the community.

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PN Ombudsman
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