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Naperville’s new brewery: an oath to good Barley


Production brewing returns to Naperville for first time in decades

Solemn Oath Brewery is brewing, now open, and Naperville’s first production brewery since Stenger Brewery, which was boarded up in the 1890s.

John Barley of Solemn Oath Brewery

Joe and John Barley, a pair of brothers with a perfect last name for the craft beer business, with head brewer Tim Marshall, recently launched their beer business and tasting room in Naperville.  They have spent the last 18 months developing their business and constructing the brewery.

Their portfolio of beers will focus on small production seasonal ales, with plans for 24 different beers over the next year.  Many of the ales they describe as Belgo-American, a marriage of traditional Belgian and American styles.  The lineup will be rounded out with small production experimental brews and a barrel regime.

The Brewery has begun a barrel regime, aging beer in spent (recycled) barrels once aging wine and whiskey.  The brewing team has plans for large format bottles in the future, but in the mean time will focus on keg production for bars, restaurants, and their tasting room. Heaven on Seven and Front Street Cantina are two of Naperville’s first downtown restaurants to offer the new brew on tap.

Patrons enjoy the new brew in the tasting room on opening day

The tasting room is open Thurs thru Sun (Thurs. 12-9PM, Fri. 12-9, Sat. 11AM-7PM, Sun 11AM-5PM) where beer lovers have the opportunity to taste the latest creations in a tasting flight or purchase a 64oz growler of brew to bring home.  There are currently three seasonal beers available and several more to come in the upcoming weeks.

Visiting the brewery can become the perfect weekly ritual to refill a growler—or two.  The beer is impeccably fresh, local, and patrons can view where the beer is brewed.

Like many craft breweries, Solemn Oath is located in an industrial area, at 1661 Quincy Avenue Ste. 179, and is easy to find.  The Brewery is located just off Quincy and Ogden (Rt. 34) behind the Naperville Cadillac Dealership.  Pull around back and look for a garage door painted with Solemn Oath.

For more information on the brewery visit solemnoathbrewery.com.

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