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Naperville swears in new Police Chief before CAPS Ceremony


During a ceremony that began at 5PM May 18, Mayor A. George Pradel swore in Robert Marshall as the new Naperville Police Chief at the start of the annual Naperville Police Department Awards Ceremony.

City Manager Doug Krieger told the audience that Chief David Dial had told him that in Naperville, Dial would be the “last police chief hired from the outside,” referring to Marshall who was promoted internally to replace the retiring chief. Dial retired after 22 years of service to the City.

Marshall served for 27 years in the Naperville Police Department and retired at the rank of captain to become the Assistant City Manager in 2005, preparing him for police chief, a position Marshall promised his father he would one day achieve.

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As Marshall reminisced about his mentor he said, “You’re leaving an awesome legacy,”  noting Dial’s 45 years of service, 22 years with the City of Naperville.

Following the swearing in, Retired Police Chief Dial began serving as emcee for the Naperville Police Department Awards Ceremony, known as the Citizens Appreciate Public Safety (CAPS) Awards, a time every spring to honor members of the Police Department by recognizing their outstanding contributions to the community.

The ceremony was broadcast live on the City’s government access channel WCNC (Ch. 6 – WOW, Ch. 10 – Comcast and Ch. 99 – AT&T) and will be re-broadcast throughout the coming months.

The event also will be available to view on-demand online at www.naperville.il.us/granicus.html.

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