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Linden Oaks at Edward expands mental health facilities and services


Linden Oaks at Edward has opened a three-wing, 8,500-square foot expansion at its facility on the campus of Edward Hospital, 801 S. Washington St. in Naperville.  In addition, Linden Oaks is completely renovating a 40,000-square foot building across the street from its current Mill St. location and will use the facility as its new outpatient site.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our inpatient care for adolescents, adults and older adults who have severe behavioral health needs.  Additional space means we can help even more people who are referred to Linden Oaks,” says Mary Lou Mastro, President & CEO, Linden Oaks.

The $4.3 million project means more space and an expansion of Linden Oaks’ inpatient programs.  Some highlights include  three single-floor additions, 8,500 square feet total,  to existing patient wings of the Linden Oaks facility on Edward Hospital’s Naperville campus; 14 additional beds for adolescent, adult, chemical dependency, eating disorders and geriatrics patients increasing the bed count to 108; more day rooms, group rooms, and consultation rooms; and additional staff and patient locker rooms.

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Renovations continue in a 40,000-square foot building that will serve as Linden Oaks’ new outpatient center for prevention, education, diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health conditions and disorders.  The center is located on Technology Dr. (Mill St.), north of Ogden Ave. in Naperville, across the street from the current Linden Oaks outpatient site.  When the center opens in August, all of the outpatient services will be centrally located, with the exception of eating disorders.

Features of the new outpatient center include a Chemical dependency, depression, self-injury, bi-polar disorder and anxiety treatment for adults and adolescents; a 100-seat conference center for support programs, and outpatient and community education; and a new home for Linden Oaks Medical Group and its eight board certified psychiatrists.

For more information about Linden Oaks, visit www.edward.org/lindenoaks.

Photos/story courtesy Edward Hospital.

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