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Chicagoland’s first 3D movie to premiere in Naperville


I Heart Shakey in 3D and DuPage PADS have teamed up for a red carpet movie premiere at Hollywood Palms in Naperville to provide hope for families and individuals who are homeless.

The I Heart Shakey Premiere will take place on Wednesday, June 13 at Hollywood Palms in Naperville with red carpet events starting at 5:30PM including members of the cast in attendance for photo opportunities and autographs.  Tickets will go on sale May 10 and are limited.  Adult tickets are $20 and $15 for children 12 and under.  Ticket sales will be donated to DuPage PADS.

The 3D family comedy, I Heart Shakey, filmed mainly in Naperville at the Hotel Arista, is a kindhearted delightful tale about a 35-year-old widower named J.T. O’Neil, his precocious 10-year-old daughter and their devoted mutt Shakey.  After moving from a small town to Chicago and missing the fine print in their rental contract, J.T. is forced to try and get rid of his lovable pooch.  Shakey and his daughter Chandler won’t have it and hatch a plan to keep Shakey and teach J.T. a valuable lesson about loyalty and the importance of keeping family together.

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The film stars Steve Lemme, Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D’Angelo, Alfonso Arau, Rylie Behr, and a rescue dog named Ebony.

Director Kevin Cooper, a Wheaton local, allows the movie’s underlying positive message to hit home.  “Children really get a kick out of this movie; I love hearing the giggles in the audience!  Teaming with DuPage PADS was a great fit with the movie’s message of belonging and love.  The premiere will give local parents an opportunity for a fun night with family, all the while teaching your little ones to be generous to others,” said Cooper.

For more information visit dupagepads.org.


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