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Greetings to PN in May 2012


Here’s what our readers are saying about Positively Naperville and a few other things that come to mind… (Edited for space, of course!)

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A few good readers at the Jaycees DSA Awards at the Marriott

May 2012 – Find the month’s most recent greetings at the top

Let’s Ride for Honor Flight Chicago: On May 5, 2012 DuPage Veteran’s Foundation hosted a fundraiser to support our local World War II Veterans and Honor Flight Chicago at the DuPage airport. Doug Deetjen, a Lisle resident, businessman and Vietnam Veteran sponsored “Let’s Ride for Honor Flight Chicago” for local motorcyclists with the support of Lee Mattes, owner of Heritage Harley-Davidson in Lisle, IL to honor our Veteran’s and raise funds for such a worthy cause.

I am honored to have participated in this ride and I want to give my sincere gratitude to all who organized and participated in the event. This was a police escorted ride that left Heritage Harley-Davidson and went thru Lisle, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield and West Chicago. The Police Departments of each provided a police escort that was second to none! They were outstanding! I am an avid motorcyclist and have participated in many police escorted rides and none were as professionally executed as this one.

Upon arriving at the airport safely with no incidents and all the motorcycles parked someone said “And that my friends, is how it’s done!”

All the riders who participated would like to thank the following: Dirk Enger – DuPage County Board Member – District 6; Norman A. Sturm, Director – DuPage County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management; Sgt. Randy Johnson and participating officers – Lisle Police Department; Chief David Dial and participating officers – Naperville Police Department; Cmdr., Don Wilson and participating officers – Wheaton Police Department; Chief Stacy Reever, Officer Ben Olson and participating officers – Winfield Police Department; Cmdr. Steve Laub and participating officers, (Tony and Gus) – West Chicago Police Department; Rich Jorgenson – Event Coordinator for DuPage Veteran’s Foundation; Doug Deetjen – Let’s Ride for Honor Flight Chicago Coordinator; Tom Tillman – Motorcycle Ride Captain.

All the riders are grateful for your assistance and look forward to having an even larger group ride next year to support our World War II Veteran’s and Honor Flight Chicago. —Beth Bitner, Elburn, IL, Proud Member of Patriot Guard Riders, Warriors Watch Riders and FVHOG

To the man, and I use that word loosely, in the Silver sports car who was in such a hurry he couldn’t wait for a flock of Canadian Geese and their newborns to cross a side drive by the Naperville Post Office on Rt. 34, I ask, “Are you kidding?”

Yesterday, May 8,  I was headed to the Post Office on Ogden. As you turn onto the access road of the store, there is a short drive before you actually turn into the P.O. As I turned off of Ogden, I had to stop for a group of Canadian Geese that was crossing this road. This group consisted of 2 adults and about 9 babies. No problem as everyone stopped from both directions.

Across from me headed the opposite direction was a guy in a newer silver sports car. ( 280 Z, I think ). So this group crossed before us and right after them was another similar size family.

We wait, no problem. Now, as the last of the babies cross before us, Mr. “I’m-in-a Hurry” takes off and flattens the last bird. Besides it being illegal to harm or KILL a protected animal such as Canadian Geese, you really need to look in the mirror, literally, and see what you did. Sorry this little one-pound ball of feathers got in the way of your tires. Hope they wash off OK.

So, with that, I hope the Bluebird of Happiness eats a bunch of berries, and decides to get revenge on your paint job. —Tom Wehrli

From the Naperville Jaycees Facebook May 8: Hah, hah! Check out this Lobster Day article by Positively Naperville–it includes the Simpson’s Lobster episode–classic!! Oh, and order your lobster and filets by calling (630) 961-9375!!!  —Naperville Jaycees

Thank you again for all your support for our fundraising effort for Honor Flight Chicago! The ad was great and the follow-up coverage you gave our effort is tremendously appreciated … We will also post the link on the DuPage Veterans Foundation website/Facebook/Twitter shortly… Thank you, and good luck with your continued efforts to spread pride and appreciation for our treasured veterans… —Rosemary Mackey, City of West Chicago

Field of Honor: I was so thrilled to hear we will redo the Field of Honor again. I read the entire article online and I am still crying, tears of joy and tears of peace. May the day come when we don’t have to honor the dead or any servicemen and women who so willingly go off to protect our country!!! I had 10 flags and still cherish them Thank you, my dear friend, for all you do to keep us on the right track. You already know how much I love to read Positively Naperville. You are the best… God Bless America …  —Bev Eigenberg

Editor’s Note: Memories of the 2009 Healing Field of Honor at Rotary Hill have been archived with updates about the 2012 event. Thanks for supporting our troops. Peace.

From Facebook May 3 Post regarding Rockin’ for the Troops with Gary Sinise:  Great article and pictures! —Dan Rickert

Thank you so much for the nice write up. I have the next Indie Bound meeting on my calendar – 7PM Monday night.  See you then and looking forward to meeting you. —Lu at Lu Ann Specialties
Reference to online story about Police Chief Select: Thanks very much, Stephanie.  And, thank you for your publication.  It is positively great. —Naperville Police Chief David Dial

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