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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Local photographer displays worldly images at Schoenherr Gallery


North Central College photography exhibit opens Friday, May 4 by local photographer Hunt Harris “Images from a Well Traveled Lens”

Local photographer Hunt Harris has captured stunning scenic imagery from his travels around the world.   His images are now on display in an exhibit at North Central College.  A reception is being held Friday, May 4th at Schoenherr Gallery from 6-8PM to benefit the Riverwalk Gateway, Sesquicentennial Walkway at the College.  Schoenherr Gallery at the college is located at 171 East Chicago Avenue off the main lobby at the Wentz Concert Hall.

“Photography has been an interest of mine since I saved my allowance to purchase a Brownie camera in grade school.  In high school I set up a darkroom in my basement and photographed for the school newspaper,” says Harris.

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“After graduation my interests turned to family and career, so photography fell by the wayside.  Decades later with the advent of digital cameras my interest in photography was rekindled.”

“Most of my pictures are taken on travels abroad. My wife and I have visited all seven continents at least twice.  I use Photoshop to bring out the essence of the image as I want the viewer to experience it. I am generally not a documentary photographer but seek to develop a print that brings back the feelings that I had when I first viewed the subject.”

Visit www.TheArtfulLens.com to view many stunning images from around the world.

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