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Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week highlighted prevention


As the City of Naperville wraps up its first-ever Emerald Ash Borer Awareness week, PN will continue of keep pages online with information about the dreaded iridescent green beetle that is destroying the ash tree-lined parkways in Naperville and throughout the nation. The good news is thanks to entomologists, the science is beginning to get ahead of the pesky nuisance. New treatments available are more economical to help save trees while allowing conservation of the tree canopy.

Recent research also discovered that because of the early warm weather this spring, the EAB likely will be active sooner this year—so pay attention and look for die back and woodpeckers in ash trees.

This week along Washington Street just north of Bauer Road, green ties identified ash trees all in row.  As highly invested trees are replaced, it’s sure to say different varieties will be planted in the event some other pesky bug or disease infests another species in the future. Landscapers always recommend diverse plantings. Knowing the history of the destruction of the Elm tree by Dutch Elm Disease, it’s been a wonder that any tree-planting initiative would be exclusive to any one tree.

A couple years ago during a visit to West Lafayette where Purdue University researchers and extension services are heavily involved with finding a successful treatment to save the ash, we noted purple ties around the ash trees to distinguish them from others. The video posted here talks about treatment.

This week was the first time PN noticed the green ties in Naperville to mark ash trees.  Good idea!

PN’s Web page, linked below, shows examples of the compound leaves, bark, and the tunnels that occur when the EAB infests a tree under the bark. Thanks for taking a couple minutes to learn about the EAB and how to prevent/treat/fight it to save the ash. Perhaps if we all spread the word, the EAB won’t spread its destruction. Perhaps more residents will wrap green ties around their ash trees.


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