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Naperville Central honors alumni


Accomplished alumni are being honored this week at Naperville Central High School. This is the 16th Annual Alumni Recognition Awards Program and a formal presentation is scheduled Friday morning at 9AM in front of this year’s NCHS graduates.  An informal reception is planned Thursday evening at 7PM at the high school.

The following Naperville Central Alumni are being honored.

Dee Boersma, Ph.D. (class of 1965): Dr. Dee Boersma returns to Naperville Central from the class of 1965. Dr. Boersma was president of the sophomore class; she was also on the national honor society. She graduated from Ohio State and continued on to receive her Ph.D. in Zoology at Ohio State. Dr. Boersma has traveled to the Antarctic to study the unique lives of penguins, and her present positions include: Wadsworth Endowed chair person in Conservation Science; Director, Center for Penguins as ocean sentinels; professor of Biology and adjunct curator of Ornithology at the Burke Museum. These are just a few of Dr. Boersma’s accomplishments. She is truly making a difference in the world, and we are honored to have her return to the Naperville community.

Lori Montgomery (class of 1983): Lori Montgomery is no stranger to our community. While attending Naperville Central she served on class council, SAC, and played on the soccer team. Lori has served on several committees and boards starting with Home and School for District 203; the Naperville Education Foundation, the Naperville Heritage Society/Naper Settlement, North Central College Performing Arts Association, and Turning Pointe Autism Foundation. Additionally, Lori has worked in sales and marketing for a few developers in Naperville selling new construction of residential homes and condominiums. We are excited to have her as one of our distinguished alumni.

Matt Armstrong (class of 1991): As a professional actor, Matt Armstrong has made his way from playing middle linebacker under the stadium lights of Naperville Central to the bright lights of Hollywood! Matt has had recurring parts in the television series Turks (1999) and NBC’s Heroes; he also has had guest appearances on Numbers, Private Practice, The Mentalist, CSI: Miami and Bones, to name a few. We feel lucky to call Matt Armstrong a member of the Redhawk family and are pleased to have this chance to honor him.

Pat Basu, M.D., M.B.A. (class of 1996): Dr. Basu returns to Naperville Central in the middle of an impressive career.  While he attended Naperville Central he was involved in many different clubs as well as sports, such as track, cross country and basketball. Dr. Basu was also on the National Merit and National Honor Society while at Naperville Central.  In 2009, Dr. Basu was named Stanford’s Consultant Physician of the year. He is currently working as Chief Medical Officer at vRad, a technology-enabled radiology practice that provides medical care to over 2700 hospitals nationwide. He is the President of Virtual Radiology Professionals, the largest radiology practice in the country with 430 physicians. Dr. Basu recently completed a term as a White House Fellow where he held a Top Secret Security Clearance and worked on both the economic and health care agenda. His awards and recognitions speak for themselves. We are honored to have Dr. Pat Basu return to our community for this recognition.

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