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Metea Valley High School Mock DUI Crash


Metea Valley High School raises DUI awareness with mock crash

The first video is a mock crash and the second is an assembly presented by students to highlight the tragedy that can happen in an instant when driving while under the influence.

In gracious response to news that the videos are posted on this Web site:  …The other amazing part of this story is that we invited Leeslyee to prom and she said, ‘Yes.” … Wow… Talk about a wonderful experience. We/she have received tons of press coverage in preparation for the prom which takes place tomorrow (April 27) and we have been able to get all the wonderful prom items donated complete with limousine, prom dress, tuxedo, flowers, hair, nails and make-up and dinners. It’s so amazing to be a part of something this special for such a  deserving young woman.

—Joy Ross, Ed.D., Assistant Principal, Metea Valley High School

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