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Fundraisers this Weekend Support the Performing Arts


‘Spread the Smile’ is a Special Fund Raiser for a Special Purpose

Dance this Saturday Evening! The School of Performing Arts of Naperville will host a Dance-A-Thon to raise funds for the Katie Lunn Memorial Fund and the American Red Cross to assist with tornado relief in Southern Illinois from 6PM to Midnight, Saturday, April 28. Check-in begins at 5:30PM in Studio D at The School of Performing Arts. Registration forms were due Monday, April 23. For last minute availability, call (630) 717-6622

The Katie Lunn Memorial fund was funded after her life was tragically ended in an accident involving a train on April 16, 2010. She was a very active teacher and employee of The School of Performing Arts and they have supported this organization through continual support, activities and fund raisers.

Katie Lunn touched many people with her infectious smile and positive attitude and this organization has raised funs for scholarships, workshops, conferences, retreats, arts presentations and performances, outreach, and cultural events. She had a message to “fulfill our dreams and never forget to pay it forward”. INFO: www.katielunn.org

More dancing in High School Musical on Sunday! And, because I know you all want to see this: You have to come to Center Stage Theater for performances at 1PM and 7PM, Sun., April 29 to see my friend Stuart as Ryan in High School Musical and me as the Announcer. We both dance!

Kandis Hernandez will play Sharpay, and a host of fun loving adults are playing the kids roles- you will laugh and laugh- so come support..Adults in the kids roles….We are doing it to help Center Stage raise funds for its expansion. For info, call (630) 355-9212.


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