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Coyote Sightings in Naperville


A red fox near Berry Court in Naperville

Update! Late October 2013: Numerous e-mails from residents have reported sightings of coyotes in West Wind, just north of 75th Street. One resident reported four coyotes roaming together near Saranell, one of which behaved aggressively toward her dog.

Other residents have reported more skunks than usual.

Be mindful never to leave pet food outside. Always clean the backyard grill and wipe up any drips that could attract wild animals. Also, be sure to keep garbage container covers are secure when they are put at the curb on trash collection days.

Update!At 7PM Mon., Aug. 6, naturalist Jack MacRae will present a program for interested residents to learn about the coyote population in Naperville. The Forest Preserve of DuPage County Naturalist will present the enlightening program in conjunction with the Naperville Police Department Animal Control Unit. The Municipal Center is located at 400 S. Eagle St.


Beware of Coyote Encounters

Snakes! (Featured presentation by Naturalist Jack MacRae)

First coyote reports of sightings in 2012

If you recently thought you saw a coyote or fox in Naperville, you probably did!

In recent weeks, folks in the West Wind Subdivision have reported seeing the wildlife in the wee hours of the night while giving their dogs the last call.  Coyotes have been spotted near the retention ponds and on the ball fields near May Watts Elementary School.

Since  early 2010, when Naperville neighbors who reside in the Buttonwood subdivision, not far from Green Acres, expressed their desire to raise awareness about coyotes prowling in their residential neighborhood from dusk to dawn, PN has been tracking local wildlife.

During the past two years, many sightings and reports about missing pets have raised some concerns about the coyote population from the Garden Plots along West Street to Springbrook Prairie and around the retention ponds in neighborhoods just north of 75th Street all the way to Aurora Road near the Naperville Public Safety Center and Safety Town.

There is also a small red fox population in the Green Acres neighborhood.  It is not uncommon to see foxes running across the parking lot at Naperville Central or at Naper Settlement.

Naperville resident Debbie Shaughnessy called to see if PN had seen the residents comment about the coyote population during Public Forum at Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010, City Council meeting. She requested that PN seek comments from the community regarding coyote sightings and to begin a public safety awareness campaign.

In mid-April 2012, Shaughnessy reported that her small  dachschund  Jake came face-to-face with a large coyote near her deck.

If you would like to report a coyote sighting in your neighborhood, email PN or post a comment below. Thanks.

2012 Sightings

April 18, 2012—Debbie Shaughnessy reported a large “German Shepherd” size coyote in her back yard in the West Wind Subdivision.

April 3, 2012—Two different sightings along Sequoia Road in West Wind Wind Subdivision.

To see the list of previously reported sightings and coyote info visit the PN Archive.

Do Not Feed Wildlife

Do not feed wildlife! (Deer, coyote, ducks, geese, squirrels, rabbits, red fox, chipmunks live among us.) Believe it or not, animal experts say that when people and wildlife interact, wildlife often are the losers. Feeding wildlife changes animal behavior patterns and they lose their natural fear of humans.

Most importantly, experts agree that the misplaced kindness of feeding wildlife artificial food is a major threat to their well-being. The more critters are fed by humans, the more they reproduce and the natural food supply cannot support overpopulation, leading to starvation and diseases that can be harmful to humans.

Stamped messages such as “Do Not Feed Wildlife” have been placed along the  Riverwalk, reminders that being kind to the ducks and geese is to let them find their own food for proper nutrition in the balance of nature.



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